'WholeHog' - Our full cook, carve and serve

A full cook carve and serve package based on 150 guests with two members of staff to carve and serve your hog roast is £859 on Saturday's in Season (May to September and December).  We typically discount non Saturday and midweek bookings, out of season bookings, and sometimes bookings at short notice if we're availability.

Our signature hog roast package includes:

  • A traditional breed slowly reared hog from our family farm, despatched at our local small family run abattoir, and then properly hung for the meat to relax.  We then slowly roast your hog to perfection for succulent juicy pork and awesome crackling
  • Freshly baked bread rolls from our local bakery Wesses of Market Harborough
  • Our own recipe Sage & Onion stuffing
  • Bramley apple sauce
  • Uniformed experienced friendly staff with a heart for customer satisfaction - they will ensure that your catering runs smoothly
  • We will carve and serve at your venue complete with napkins to allow your guests to hold their hot pork batch, and clean up afterwards.
  • We can add salads and sides, and indeed turn your hog roast into a plated roast dinner or similar

Keythorpe Event Catering Ltd