i love to cook food...shoot food.  i love to play with food and i love to eat food...soooo, here are my comments, thoughts, recipes and pics of foods i come across. it might be on my plate, your plate, someone elses plate or my dream plate...

i was poking around looking for something new, i saw some fresh goat shanks...not knowing what the heck to do with it, i bought it anyway...and sooooo glad i did.


i think it tastes like a cross between lamb and beef. the texture and flavor was fabulous.  i had to add a little beef to my recipe because i didn't have quite enough of the goat the recipe called for. i was surprised to find that i really liked the goat much better. this slow cooking stew was just the right way to introduce a new meat to the party.  (the "party" usually consists of ME, MYSELF and I.)  i will definitely try it again.

  Moroccan Goat Stew