Our 'HotHog' - roasted to perfection and delivered to you hot out of our roaster ready for you to carve

This is the simple DIY hog roast great for parties at home, in the garden, function rooms, restaurants, pubs, hotels and so on.

Lamb, Boer Goat, Dexter Beef, Chicken available too.

New for 2018-2019 is our HotHog Package which includes your HotHog ready to carve & serve, freshly baked bread rolls, sage & onion stuffing and Bramley apple sauce and a tray to contain the juices as you carve or pull your pork.  You just need a table or counter to rest your pig on, a bread knife, carving knife and serving tongs / spoons.

We can give you some guidance on how to carve it and then its all yours to enjoy.

Easy, simple and great value for money. When your roasted hog is carried into your event it always gets the wow factor!

     2018-2019 HotHog PACKAGE PRICE LIST

     30kg 50 portions £309
     35kg 60 portions £339
     40kg 80 portions £349
     45kg 100 portions £389
     50kg 120 portions £419
     55kg 140 portions £449
     60kg 160 portions £479
     65kg 180 portions £529

For larger numbers or alternative meat please email us with your requirements, or if you simply need a 'bare' HotHog

NEW package price now includes:

Reusable tray - now included in the price

Ready to serve Sage & Onion Stuffing - now included in the package price

Bramley Apple Sauce - now included in the package price

Freshly Baked Bread Rolls from our local bakery - now included in the package price

Additional delivery charges may apply when delivering over 20 miles from our base.  Please email food@keythorpe.co.uk with your required booking date, delivery time and postcode before checking out!  PayPal still charge us a fee when we process a refund and so a £4 charge is levied to all refunds on purchases made without firstly checking the date with us.

HotHog Package