Registered Gloucester Old Spot proven BOAR at Stud

Registered Oxford Sandy & Black proven BOAR at Stud

Stud Fee £35/gilt or sow served.

A stud fee is charged per gilt/sow served and allows for use of our boar up to 28 days per fee paid. If you require our boar for longer than 28 days, then an additional £35.00 charge will be made for each additional 28 day period or part thereof.  If you have booked our boar for 2  gilts/sows, then up to a 56 day hire period is allowed for (2x28 days) however you may return our boar at an earlier date.

Care of our boar is your responsibility whilst in your possession to include, but not exhaustive, feed, water, care, vets fees, injury or loss.  It is your responsibility to collect and return our boar. Please book an agreed time to return our boar prior to making any journey as, due to
movement restrictions, you may be turned away if the return has not been agreed and booked in.

When your gilt/sow comes to us to be served there is a £15/week charge for 'bed and breakfast'.  Should your pig(s) require any additional care (medical or otherwise) you will reimburse us the cost.  Whilst in our care we will look after your pig as one of our own, however we are not liable to any injury, damage or loss.