British Boer Goats are the perfect addition to your smallholding – this meaty productive breed was introduced to the UK in the 1980’s and has been growing in popularity. A meaty breed they are considered akin to prime lamb with similar carcasses and can be used instead of lamb with the benefits of being a healthy lean red meat high in iron and low in cholesterol.  Doe's (nannies) can be milked without giving the excessive milk of a dairy breed which is perfect for a smallholding wanting to produce a little milk or make a little cheese for your own use, and it is common to average twin kids each year (triplets are quite common and quads not unheard of) that will produce meat for your freezer or a product to sell.

They are very rewarding to keep and are great to clear areas of land and trim back hedges, but Boer goats also graze generally so will keep your grass down.  If you’ve limited acreage they can be raised on an indoor system with hay and hard feed.

Quality breeding stock fetch reasonable money and the breeding lifespan of Boer goats is longer than that of sheep making them a good investment. They are fully scalable so if you’re looking to develop your smallholding into a business or looking to diversify your existing business they are a great investment from the outset with many outlets for goat meat.

“The Finest Meat Goat In The World” – with Boer goats reaching slaughter weight significantly faster than other breeds with a higher meat to bone ratio, meat from a Boer can be compared to the Aberdeen Angus of the beef world.

Boer goats are very easy to spot with their brown heads and white bodies being the traditional markings. All red is another variant and is registerable as such. They can also be all white, ‘Savannah’, but this is not currently recognised in the UK and so would be classed as commercial markings.

Why British Boer Goats?  Well if you're going to keep goats, then 'the finest meat goat in the world' is the breed for you.Good productivity

  • Meaty carcasses
  • Good value in breeding stock
  • Max meat to bone ratio
  • Tasty Healthy Meat

At Keythorpe Valley Farm in Leicestershire we have a herd of Boer goats, from pure 100% fully registered with the British Boer Goat Society which produce 100% breeding doelings and bucks,