KEYTHORPE VALLEY FARM home of Keythorpe Rare Breed Pigs

Hello and welcome! Let us introduce ourselves.  Here at Keythorpe Valley Farm, based in Leicestershire - the Heart of Rural England, we are primarily breeders and rearers of traditional rare breed pigs producing quality weaners for fattening, quality breeding stock, and the best pork and bacon about.

We also produce our own lamb, goat and free range chicken which is available, along with our pork, drycure bacon, gammon and sausage, to buy from our farm (email us) or through the online farm shop.

We are located on the Leicestershire/Rutland border in the District of Harborough, Rural South Leicestershire.

Our pig breeds:
Gloucester Old Spot
British Saddleback
Large Black
Oxford, Sandy & Black
British Lop
Middle White

Our goat breeds:
British Boer Meat Goats

Our cattle breeds:

PIGS - Weaners for fattening; breeding stock available; boars at stud

GOAT - Boer bucks billy wether kids, doe doeling nanny

MEAT - Juicy, Succulent Pork, handmade Sausage, Gammon and Drycure Bacon
- Freezer ready lamb and goat - Dexter beef