What is Traditional Rare Breed Pork?

Okay, so maybe you've heard about traditional rare breed pork, perhaps watched River Cottage or Jimmy's Farm or even Gordan Ramsey, or maybe you've just happened across our website. But what is it? What's it all about? Why's it so great?

The rare breeds of today are the commercial pigs of yesterday, back when pork had real flavour with crackling that really crackles.

Do you remember when you used to sit down to Sunday dinner and get crackling on your plate? Not the soggy chewy stuff these days, but crisp crackling that explodes with flavour as you bite into it. Well that's what you get from slow rear traditional pigs along with pork that's full of flavour.

Do you tire of salty bacon that shrinks and swims in the pan with chewy fat? Well you won't get that with our traditional drycured bacon. Our bacon is full of flavour and taste and and being drycured is less salty and won't shrink in the same way. And the fat will crisp up and explode with flavour as you sink your teeth into your bacon butty. Yum!

Our traditional sausages are made from the highest meat content possible, and not the leftovers but the whole joints go into the mincer! You won't find us offering you butchers specials with added ingredients. Our sausages are so tasty and filling we prepare them with just light seasoning before stuffing them in natural casings.

Pedigree Pork is a real alternative to the product you find on supermarket shelves. It is pork with a traditional taste. Pedigree Pork comes from small herds of pedigree pigs produced locally, grown more slowly, to produce pork with a traditional flavour and a taste well worth waiting for.

 Pork, Sausage, Dry-cured Bacon and Gammon from
 our herd of traditional rare breed, free range,
 non-intensively reared Gloucestershire Old Spot,
 British Lop, Large Black,Oxford Sandy & Black and
 British Saddleback pigs, fed solely on natural grains,
 fruit, vegetables and grass with no added hormones,
 growth promoters, artificial flavours or GM ingredients.

 For traditional, juicy, succulent mouthwatering pork
 with crackling that really does crackle, puremeat
 sausage and drycure bacon that doesn’t swim in
 your pan. Once tasted there’s no going back to
 supermarket cardboard.

We supply all cuts of pork to complete carcasses for hog roasting or spit roasting, butterflyed, completely boned out - just ask.