Equipment for smallholders

Excavator tracks not tracking - we've had this happen twice now.  The first time many years ago was in the snow/ice - they tracks were frozen in themselves and possibly to the ground.  The blade and arm were working so we lifted the machine clear of the ground and tracked back and forth one track at a time until they were free.  More recently having not used the machine in a few months and being parked in the field, the tracks had rusted much like an unoiled bicycle chain.  It took a bit of freeing by tracking as in the snow and we also tracked up and down a concrete track using the weight of the machine to free up the tracks.  I have wondered before if our hydraulics need overhauling as I'm sure there should be more power available and this may well overcome this problem more easily.  Whether the machine would benefit from being parked undercover or oiled if put away for a long period is also something I've thought about but that said, when the machine was last parked it was intended to continue using it.