Weaner Deposits - Presales & Holding

Deposits are accepted on presales (orders placed before stock exists, either because it hasn't yet been produced or sourced) and

holding deposits to secure stock that exists but cannot yet be supplied (due to not being old enough, movement restrictions, not

having been sourced etc)

We take a £25 deposit per head on meat weaners and a £50 deposit per head on pedigree registered stock.

We will usually agree an estimated date when the stock will be available, unless it is being sourced in which case this will be

notified once arrangements have been made.

Once the stock is ready to go, you agree to either collect it promptly or pay a delivery charge to have your weaners delivered.

If stock is not collected promptly we reserve the right to charge a daily rate for additional bed & board whilst your remains in

our care.

Standstills imposed due to health risks - should we or the county or country be put under a standstill due to a national health

risk (such as foot and mouth) then we will keep your stock for you until such time that it can be moved. If you wish to keep the

stock you will pay the balance due and then you will pay us weekly in arrears for bed & board for your livestock whilst it is in

our care. If your arrears amount to more than 4 weeks then you forfeit the livestock and it's ownership reverts to us.

Your livestock in our care - whilst your livestock is in our care beyond the date it was available for collection, whilst we will

provide professional feed and care and provide medical attention if needed, ultimately the livestock is your property and we

accept no liability for loss or death. This also applies where livestock is ready to leave however we are on an enforced


Deposits on stock are non refundable*. This is because livestock continues to grow, age, consume feed and if you cancel your

order then we then have to find an alternative home for your livestock reserved for you and continue to feed and care for them

until such time. Your deposit covers these costs and this is the limit of your liability.

You may have requested a particular breed or sex. Due to the nature of dealing with young livestock, taking preorders on stock

not yet produced or on young stock which are vunerable, we may not initially be able to supply the livestock ordered at the

estimated date of supply. If this is the case we will offer you alternative stock of similar age, or if your requirement is a

specific breed/sex then we have a reasonable period of time to supply your weaners, being a period of 6 weeks from the expected

date that they were to be ready. This is to allow us to fulfil your order from an alternative litter/source.

* If we are unable to supply your required weaners within a reasonable period of time and you do not agree to additional time

then the limit of our liability to you is the refund of the deposit paid by you, in full without interest or compensation.


Our liability stops once livestock leaves us. With the exception of 'runts', all livestock sold is sent in good health. Whilst

we are always happy to give advice and assist with help and advise, we except no liability for any loss incurred after livestock

has left us.

Variations to contract - no variation to contract is accepted unless it was made in writing and titled 'Variation to Contract' in

order to avoid any doubt.