OUR STANDARD CUTTING LIST - Giving you a wider variety of cuts

Our standard butchery cutting list, which should be the way your pigs comes is as follows.  We can of course cut to your specific requirements - just let us know what we can do for you.  We can also process* your pig into sausages and drycure bacon and gammon.

Your pig comes as two sides, or halves, so in effect there's two of everything to be butchered.

  • Diced shoulder pork - for casseroles and curries
  • Pork Mince - for Pigherders Pie, Spagheti Bolognais, Lasagne, Chilli, Burgers...
  • ½ Shoulder Boned & Rolled - for roasting or casseroling, or use some for kebabs, or try your hand at making some quality sausages (if using this cut for sausages we can mince this for you), or this cut can be supplied as a 'Boston But' with the shoulder blade in for barbeque enthusiasts
  • ½ Shoulder Bone In split into 2-3lb (~0.9-1.4kg) joints - family sized joints for roasting on the bone giving more flavour
  • Pork Fillet Tenderloins kept whole - for you to slice into medallions or roast whole
  • Pork chops (on the bone) are taken from the shoulder end of each loin - grill, roast, fry or bbq
  • Leg end of both loins boned and rolled and cut into two joints - for roasting or slice into boneless chops (loin steaks)
  • Bellies split into two.
  • Shoulder ends are the best bit for streaky bacon, but are also the best end for roasting.  For roasting it will remain on the bone, for bacon making ask us to remove the bone for you.
  • Leg ends are left whole for roasting, or can be cut into belly pork strips, or this is an ideal cut to add to your sausage meat.
  • Bone In and split into joints - for roasting
  • Split into half - you can take off the cheeks to cook and the head can be used for brawn
  • There are a number of dishes you can use these for, or use them for brawn, or give them to the dog as a treat
  • Liver & Kidneys - sliced
  • Bones for stock making or ideal treat for your dog or cat to keep their teeth clean (we recommend feeding bones raw as cooked bones will splinter)

** If passed by the meat inspector
*   Cutting is included within the cost of your pig.  Processing (sausage making, drycuring) has an additional cost based on weight refer