Keythorpe Valley Farm supply many head of livestock to smallholders, farms and farm parks.

West Lodge Rural Centre took delivery of some of our weaners to become their next batch of racing piglets.  We've also supplied our pork to their onsite restaurant. 

Reddish Vale Petting Farm in Cheshire has some of our Mangalitza pigs, commonly known as 'sheep' pigs because of their hairy coat.  Mangalitza's are a lard breed of pig from Hungary closely related to our now extinct Lincolnshire Curly Coat, and are an ideal breed for charcuterie

Sacrewell Farm in Peterborough has borrowed our non short black Dexter bull 'Jackson' (Belvoir Jackson) to run with their Dexter cows.  Two calves were produced in 2020 and Jackson hopes to return soon.  He loves a good back rub.

The Retreat Animal Rescue & Sanctuary in Kent has a group of our British Boer goat wethers - wethers are male billy (boy) goats that have not made the grade for breeding within our high welfare, high health accredited pedigree British Boer Goat herd and so they are neutered with many of them being sold as pets or companions going to smallholdings around the country to say keep a horse/pony company, for owner enjoyment (goats are very rewarding to keep) or to keep land clear of thistles, nettles, docks and trim back the hedges.  An advantage to cross grazing land with different livestock is it eases the worm burden on the land.  Those wethers that do not find such a home are kept free range on our farm until almost twelve months of age when they become some awesome goat meat.

Buttercups Tearoom in Leicestershire has some of our Boer goats and a few of our Mangalitza pigs.  They can be seen if you visit the tearoom near Billesdon for some munchies.  They might even come over for a scratch - do remember to wash your hands and be careful, animals do bite!

White Post Farm Park bought our red Boer billy goat from us - I wonder if they still call him 'Billy' as we did.  A little unimaginative we know, but he was our very first Billy so the name hadn't been used before.