Boer Goats were first introduced into the United Kingdom in 1987.  There have been several importations of new genetics since then, as live animals and through artificial insemination and embryo transplants.

Boer Goats are characterised by their brown head, often with white on their faces as a blaze.  They have a roman nose and pendulous ears together with a white body.  They are stockier, shorter-legged and have a superior carcass compared to the dairy goat.

The Boer Goat reaches slaughter weight in significantly faster time than other breeds and has a higher dressing out percentage.  The Boer Goat has performed extremely well in trials and carcass competitions, proving it to be the superier meat goat breed.  Meat from a Boer goat can be compared to the Aberdeen Angus of the beef world.

Boer Goat meat is a very lean red meat which is low in cholesterol, high in protein and iron, making it healthy meat.  Goat meat is reputed to be the most consumed meat in the world.

Source: British Boer Goat Society