WEANERS (fatteners, porkers, baconers, rearing stock)

As of 2018 we no longer sell weaners as we're focused on developing our catering and butchery businesses.

Gloucestershire Old Spots

Old Spots are known as an orchard pig and it is rumoured that the black spots
are in fact bruises from falling apples!

Large Blacks

Known as the elephant pig, they look like miniture elephants when they are first born!

British Saddlebacks

The British Saddleback was recognised is 1967 when the Wessex Saddleback & the Essex breeds were amalgamated.

Oxford Sandy & Blacks

Also known as the "plum pudding" or "oxford forest" pig, the OSB are believed to originate from Oxfordshire.

British Lops

The rarest of all the British breeds and considered endangered by the Rare Breed Survival Trust.