Boer Goat Kid Meat - Retail Price List 2020

Kid meat is up to around a 12 month old fully grown goat, similar to lamb.  It's low in cholestrol, high in protein and iron, making it healthy meat*  Goat is the most widely eaten meat in the world - chances are if you've travelled, you've eaten goat!

We can supply whole carcasses or individual cuts.  If you require anything special simply ask!

Whole Carcass uncut £12/kg
Whole carcasses are available typically from 15-25kg
Order a larger size than needed, we will select the nearest carcass to match your order and credit any overpayment.

Goat Meat

Whole Carcass CUT <£14.50/kg
A Whole carcass butchered, bagged and labelled

Leg of Boer on the bone £21/kg

Shoulder of Boer on the bone £19/kg

Goat Kid Chops £22/kg

Boer Goat Mince & Diced Goat £20/kg

Premium meat - our mince is not from trim but is whole carcass, our diced is from shoulder and belly
Boned and diced 700g packs
Boned and minced 450g packs

Kid Goat

Kid Goat Mint & Corriander Sausages 24/kg
Premium sausages - no trim or waste in our sausages, whole carcass

Goat Kid Burgers £24/kg

We take our premium mince, add a little seasoning and press our meaty burgers

*Source: British Boer Goat Society