TABLEWARE - Environmentally Friendly

We have a range of Eco-Friendly Tableware we can use for your event starting with the original green solution - ceramic plates and stainless steel cutlery which add that air of quality to seated meals.

But many events we cater require a disposable solution and we've been changing over to quality sustainable biodegradable options.

Plates - we now typically use white biodegradable plates made from a mix of natural fibres including reed, bagasse (the waste fibre from pressing sugar cane), straw & wood pulp.  These are not your thin paper plates that dump your food as they bend in your hand but a quality item well up to the job.

Cutlery - we trialled wooden forks and knives which look very smart, however we didn't like the texture of wood within our mouths.  For us it was offputting.  We're happy to supply this option if you require, but as standard we are now using biodegradeable cutlery made from annually renewable corn and potato starch sources.  It looks and feels like plastic (and people do think it's plastic), but it will completely biodegrade in 180 days.  It has a smooth feel, is durable and is reusable.

Food boxes / trays - we're typically using bagasse boxes and trays for foods such as jacket potatoes, paella, curry & rice, pie & mash etc.  We're also using biodegradable cardboard boats from certified sustainable forestry with an organic environmentally friendly coating that is petroleum free. 


Napkins - we've always used a reasonable thickness paper napkin in burgundy.

Wraps - our greaseproof paper wrap / liners are fully natural, biodegradable and compostable, ISEGA, FDA and Halal certified and branded with vegetable based inks.